By March 13, 2009 favorite, lists, movies

I sent someone to this and they replied with a question I get asked a lot… What’s you’re favorite movie…

I have to balance my response…

Sense and Sensibility, Blade Runner, Tommy Boy, Die Hard, 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould. (2001 and Clockwork Orange are high up there)

I haven’t really thought about favorites in a while, so there may be newer movies that are more influential / better.

The ones that they mention are all incredible too. But they’re sort of a given. In the Oldies, I also cannot say enough good things about Sunset Boulevard and Rebel Without a Cause. Those are movies that are as good as everyone says they are.

But then the best films don’t come from the best directors…

Ang Lee’s awesome (Hulk doesn’t count), Kubrick is obviously a favorite, Soderberg. But the most underrated and I LOOVE his films even at their worst is Olivier Assayas. Watched Irma Vep again by mistake recently and it’s beautiful. Late August Early September is brilliant. and even Demon Lover, which is just TERRIBLE, moves me.

Oh. also, not enough people know about “Beau Travail.” Definitely check that out. Although I hear Claire Denis‘ other films are weak. It’s the kind of movie that cannot get made anymore.

I didn’t intend to go so long. I guess don’t ask me about movies.

These will probably change… there was a time when I thought the Neverending Story was the greatest film ever made –and I HAD seen Rear Window.