My Story

First glimmered in the swaying ocean breeze of Havana,
Pablo was…
Born in the gator swamps of Florida,
Wandered as a child through the rainforests of Costa Rica,
Got into trouble as a teen among the ruins of Rome,
And currently bounces between Los Angeles and New York.
His father was a UN diplomat. His mother, an artist.

Pablo Proenza is a critically-acclaimed filmmaker with over 20 years experience editing, writing and directing for theatrical film and television.

Proenza has been a longtime collaborator for Michael Moore. Most recently, he edited Fahrenheit 11/9, which premiered at TIFF and was called “Fearless and Profound” by Variety. Before that, he was a Consulting Producer on Trumpland. He traveled half the world with Michael for the Oscar-shortlisted Where to Invade Next. Their friendship goes as far back as Capitalism: A Love Story.

Proenza also wrote and edited the festival darling Wrestle, which was called “Superb” by the Los Angeles Times and “Raw Honesty” by the New York Times. Proenza also edited Buena Vista Social Club: Adios for Oscar-nominated director Lucy Walker.

As a writer and director, Proenza broke VOD records for IFC Films with Dark Mirror, which Variety called “Excellent.” He also directed an episode of the horror/doc show School Spirits which sent twitter abuzz. Proenza’s directorial debut was ViDi which the Boston Phoenix called “A Masterpiece… with the creepy atmosphere and acute details of a Stanley Kubrick or a David Cronenberg.”