School Spirits – July 18th

By July 11, 2012 FromPersonal, Uncategorized

This spring (only a week after my daughter was born) I went to NY to direct an episode of a new TV series for Syfy called School Spirits.

My episode, #104 Ghostly Girls’ School, plays at 10pm on July 18th (next Wednesday) and is about a swim team at the all-girl Sweet Briar College. So, expect college-age ladies in swim suits, showers and beds, being terrified by ghostly visions.  I also directed a couple of scenes for tonight’s episode (because, let’s face it, trying to shoot 1 hr in five days is crazy).

I was lucky to have an incredible cast of not just beautiful, but very smart and talented women. Had a great time and got to work with some fantastic people. I call it my episode, but you can’t pull something like this off without a crack team.

So check it out… in 1 week. Afterwards, email/face/tweet me any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

For our Canadian friends, the series is running on @SPACEchannel and premiered on the 4th of July, so by my calculations, episode 104 will play… July 25th. But check local listings.